3-Year-Old Pre K Classroom

Our 3 year old Pre K classroom


Age 3 your childs mind is a spong, taking in every bit of information it is fed. Reading and socilalizing are every important at this phase in life. At 3 your child will begin developing their imagination and is also the perfect time to begin group activities our 3 year old classes room help your child learn and grow in a group environment and our fun and interactive activites allows your child to use every bit of imagination they can muster.

  • 36 months-48 months

    Our toddler class begins at 36 months-48 months. After 3 years your toddler will be ready to move into the 4 & 5yr old Room.

  • 18 children size

    Our 3 year old classroom seats 18 children to ensure each 3 year old receives the care and attention it deserves.

  • 6:30 am - 6 pm

    Our toddler classrooms open at 6:30 pm to ensure that we are able to facilitate to your schedule.

  • 2 teachers staff

    Our 3 year old class is cared for by 2 enthusiastic teachers. Our class ratio is 1 teacher for every 9 infant.