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here you can know more about kindergarten

About MDS:

MDS is the premier day school for your precious little one. We offer a warm and nurturing environment that is perfect for your child to learn and grow in. We are dedicated to the well-being and development of your child. We only select the most qualified individuals for our fun, informative staff, and we provide the best curriculum and training to help your child prepare for the future. We go out of our way to provide the best environment possible for your child.

Our teachers are the best in the business. They the hold students’ attention through subject mastery, skillful lesson design, actions that demonstrate caring, and an honesty that reveals their individual personality. Our teachers have develop and hone their own classroom management style, their techniques vary. All, however, have few behavior problems; A culture of respect that flows in every direction: teacher to students, students to teacher, and a clear, shared understanding of acceptable and appropriate behavior.

Our Curriculum focuses on four learning domains: social-emotional development, language and literacy, English-language development, and mathematics. Our children enter Kindergarten well equipped with a sense of wonder and a love of learning. While with us they develop an insatiable appetite for knowledge.